No words....

Sound of applause; sound of a cheering crowd; sound of busy traffic; sound of a buzzer when a wrong answer is given. Where do we get these sounds from? This video shows a free online tool of where these sounds are available to be downloaded and a step-by-step tutorial to using this free online tool.

It may be that you wish to mask or blur a logo or parts of a logo. Or maybe even the whole video! Have a look at this video where I use a free online tool to achieve that.

We have all been there. Doing a recording but the eventual result was that the audio was too soft or had unwanted background or ambient sounds. This video will show how you can use a free online tool to amplify your recordings and even remove any unwanted background sounds.

Ever wondered how come some social media posts are getting views and likes but not yours? This is a video tutorial showing an experiment that I did on Linkedin of 3 different posts and what made one post with more engagement than the other(s).

It is important that you have an attractive thumbnail for your posts. This  is a video tutorial showing how you can use a free resource to create and customise your own thumbnail.

There are so many benefits in using email marketing. and many marketers swear by it as it has proven to be very effective for them in sales conversions. But it can be a nightmare choosing the correct email marketing service. There is MailChimp, AWeber, GetResponse and many more. Read this blog post by our guest contributor, Eran Bucai on "What is the best email marketing software?'  Read more