What is the best email marketing software?

By Eran Bucai (guest contributor)

What is the best email marketing software?

Many people ask about which is the best email marketing software to use and so I figured I'll do one comprehensive summary.

(I do have a blog about a Beginner's Guide to Email Marketing, which is even more extensive if you're interested)

Here's literally every option I know and have personally tested for myself, use for myself, or tested or managed for a client!

MailChimp was the first option I tried, and I didn't like it... I have managed a customer's MailChimp account last year and I don't have a lot of positive feedback. The other thing is they are definitely NOT affiliate marketing-friendly, which is a deal-breaker for me. I make passive income from affiliate marketing and it is an important part of my business. The best benefit is they do natively integrate with a lot of Softwares out there.

I have used AWeber previously. It was great until it wasn't great, they suspended my account unexpectedly and I lost momentum on following up with a list I was building through paid ads. I found out they weren't too affiliate marketing-friendly, which was important for my business.

I moved to GetResponse and have been with them ever since. They work great, good deliverability, perfect for newbies because they have 24/7 support and because they have been around they integrate with almost everything natively.

I have tested out Active Campaign, also great. Easy to use, I would definitely say it is a premium option. I affiliate them.

I have tested out ConvertKit, also a great and premium option. Easy to use and probably has the best user-interface for email segmentation and customer journey.

I have tested out a few others, MooSend, Klaviyo, OmniSend, all are great and mostly good for eCommerce though (integrate with Shopify, etc). I used Klaviyo for my own Shopify earlier when I had one and it was good. Set up a client with OmniSend and it was great too.

TCP. Awful email interface, amazing landing pages - only integrate with GetResponse.

Sendinblue, couldn't even get approved to use them for some reason. Weird.

I recently signed up for MailerLite for the specific use-case of setting up the automation for my individual sales funnels. Their user interface is very similar to ConvertKit which excellent and you can map out a customer journey with ease. Really perfect for soap opera email sequences.

I also checked out Flodesk, which is relatively new and very promising but early stages. It's great if you have a massive email list to save a few bucks as they have no limits on subscribers. I have a promo code for 50% off for life which I gave a couple of friends who has an email list in the 10s of 1000s.

There are other options out there for non-email marketing Softwares, but that they have it included.

For example:
ClickFunnels - This is applicable only on the $297/month plan and if you have a big list this might be good. They have a tool called Actionatics (I think they changed the name of it to follow-up funnels, but anyway) and it still needs integration with the sending service like SendGrid, but it is significantly cheaper than using traditional email software.

Kajabi - they have an all in one marketing, which includes email sending. (price starts at $149/month per the website). Good option.

Podia - they have an all in one marketing, which includes email sending. (price starts at $39/month). Good option.

Kartra - they have an all in one marketing, which includes email sending. (price starts at $99/month). Good option.

BuilderAll - all in one marketing, but honestly they are sub-standard at best. Jack of all trades and a master of none. Pricing changes all the time, I can't keep up.

Brain dump complete!

I apologize for the length but hope this is helpful!

Happy to take responsibility if my post overwhelmed you, with a chat to help you choose the right one for you 😂


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(If you want to read more you can read up this blog from Eran.)

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